How to mod your gamertag with: TRANSFER CABLE

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How to mod your gamertag with: TRANSFER CABLE

Post  The Ultimate Mods on Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:18 pm

Alright First off you need a transfer Cable

2) You need all the programs.. Links Below

Xport 360 1VXNWGKU

EZ.GT 2.2


Alright After you have all of this stalled to your computer we can get started..

3) Open Up Xport...Make sure your HDD (transfer Cable) Is plugged into your Computer.

4) When you open up XPORT The menu should say

Partition 1...Partition 2....Partition 3

5) Click Partition 3 and when it loads go to Content Double click it.

6) Now there should be a bunch of numberss Now These different numbers are all the profils on your HDD.

Your Profile Should be the one with the most games on it. To tell if its your profile just click on one set of the numbers and there should be a list of games. That should be your proifle the one with most games on it.

7. If you have found your profile And no its yours for sure go to Dashboard Data. And click on 00001...Then there should be on the top right screen of xport your profile.

8.Xtract your profile to your desktop.

9. Now open up EZ GT and Click the blue man on the tip right corner. click on him and go to open. And find your gamer profile.

10. Now find your gamerprofile and open it on EZ GT. Now you just delete your gamertag and go to add.(Dont worry its not deleting your REAL gamertag.)

Now go to add and there should be a bunch of buttons. Now you can change your gamertag to like anything you want. If you want it invisible Just delete your gamer tag and dont add anything.

11. If you are finished go to the blue man again and click save..

12. Now there should be a new profile Added To your desktop.

13. Now you Open up Modio. Once you open up modio just minimize it and and go to the new profile EZ GT MADE For you

14. Just click on it and then FFE07D1..Now click it again and there should be 001000. click that and theres the new profile Ez gt made. Now click the new profile and drag it into your Modio.

15.Now there should be the profile. Now go to rehash and resighn. Wait a few seconds and there yah go.

16. Now you just Exit modio and go back to xport. Now go to content and just drag the profile what EZ GT Made for you aon the desktop and drag it into the profile part on the right side of xport.

There you go Succsefully Modded your gamertag.

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