How To Add Your Own Custom Gamerpicz !!! NEW !

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How To Add Your Own Custom Gamerpicz !!! NEW !

Post  The Ultimate Mods on Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:14 pm

Custom Gamerpic

Have ever wanted to have your own custom gamerpicture and have whatever wanted, well I have.

Programs that you will need.
-Any Hex Editing Program ( I used HxD )
-A Rehasher and Resigner
-Xport, FATXplorer, Xplorer360

You need to get the con file off of your HardDrive.

Now that you have got it off your hardrive, you need to open it in the hex editor of your choice. I am using HxD.
Now you can click CRTL + F or

Now, you will see highlighted "PNG". Go to the character before this which is "‰" (a double percent sign looking character) and select all the way down until you see "IEND®️B`‚". After the comma ( , ) click copy and open a new file (still leave your existing one opened) and paste the hex.

Save as "image1.png" (no quotes). Now you can exit out of the image1.png, just return to your previous hex file. And MAKE SURE YOUR CURSOR IS AFTER THE PORTION YOU JUST SELECTED. Repeat the search for png steps and save as image2.png. Keep doing this until it finally says "Can't find png".

Now just minimize HxD.

Go to the directory where you saved your image1.png, image2.png, etc. Edit your images with any image editing software you want, but be sure to follow this next step when you are done editing.


(what this does is saves the image as a raw PNG, some editing software will save the file as some really weird version of a compressed PNG.)

Now you are ready to inject your edited images back into their container. So maximize HxD back up and put your cursor all the way at the top and search for png again. Select the same block of HEX that you did earlier and open up image1.png (your edited image) in another tab of HxD copy the whole hex of the edited image and go to the main CON file. Make sure you right click and click Paste WRITE. (NOT INSERT!)

Now add null bytes (00) all the way down to the comma at the end.

Continue this process with image 2 then 3 and so on…
Now when you are done click File > Save.

Open up a resigner and resign your file then rehash it with a rehasher.
Go to xplorer 360 and transfer back and overwrite the old file and there you go.

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